Child bitten by deadly snake at daycare after crawling all over them

A highly venomous brown snake was found crawling on a toddler, sparking fears that it may have bitten them.

The child was found in their Australian daycare centre with the snake 'crawling all over them' – the child was found with two puncture wounds in their hand.

The incident took place at 1:35pm on Tuesday at the Kidz at the Beach daycare in Bowen, North Queensland.

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The snake is understood to measure at around 40cm long, with brown snakes among the world’s most dangerous.

The status of the child is not currently known, MailOnline reports.

As brown snakes go, the one found on the child is a very small one with adults able to grow to a whopping 2.5 metres.

Despite this, even smaller, younger snakes are still considered to pack poison well capable of being fatal to a human.

The news comes after an 11-year-old boy passed away after being bitten by a snake when his dad allegedly ignored his cries for help.

Kerrod Frahm was charged with manslaughter after he failed to get medical treatment for his son Tristian.

They had been visiting Murgon, Queensland, in November 2021 when Tristian is understood to have started saying he needed help and had been bitten by a snake.

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On November 8, after a 12-week investigation, Mr Frahm was charged with his son’s death.

He is understood to have gone to bed after his son's complaint about the bite.

Tristian is understood to have gotten up in the night to vomit and was found dead outside the following morning.

His aunt wrote: "I’m so beyond lost for words and the heartbreak is unimaginable."

"I’m still in disbelief. I couldn’t be any luckier to have had a nephew like you.

"Thank you for making me an aunty. I love you more than I ever thought possible.

"I’m missing you more and more every minute. There’ll be a you-sized hole in my heart forever."

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