Charles son denies looking for title or money despite Royal music shop

The alleged illegitimate son of King Charles and his Queen consort Camilla said he was ‘never looking for title or money’.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day has repeatedly claimed he is the son of King Charles III and Camilla and has even pushed for a DNA test to be taken to prove it.

In recent days, following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, Simon has said that he will continue to push hard – with legal aid – to get his voice heard.

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But despite his claims to be the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom,Classreports, Dorante-Day once claimed he was not “looking for a title” or money.

According to multiple reports from 2021, the Queensland man’s striking claim was followed up by his insistence he is “simply a man looking for my biological parents”.

Dorante-Day has however used his ‘connection’ to the Royal Family to further his own business ambitions.

In 2021 he set up a guitar shop called Royal Riffs. Its accompanying tagline was “Queensland Guitars with that Royal finish…”

Since then, Simon’s stance has stiffened a little, explaining in an interview with 7NEWS that he had grown to resent the Royal Family and wasn’t intimidated by the “mountain” he had to climb now that his ‘father’ Charles was king.

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"It's frustrating. To me, there's a mountain in front of me, whether it's male or female, whether it's the Queen or whether it's Charles, I've still got that mountain to climb to get to the truth.

"And that's what it's about, is the truth."

He added: "I'm taking the matter back to the court at some point, so there are several options I'm reviewing there.

"Obviously, they aren't simple moves so they'll a bit of discussion with some legal experts outside of myself and my wife.

"And we will be heading back to court to push for the DNA and to push for the answers.

"There's no point in me going anywhere with, I'll get laughed at by the judges. The truth needs to be told."

The frustrated father, whose parents both used to work for the Royal Family and allegedly told his was adopted, also said he had some anger towards the late Queen Elizabeth.

“Her death brought up some different emotions, some anger," he said.

“Because she’s been across all this, and she’s been aware of all this, knows that it’s been going on. And she let that happen.

“However by that same token, now I’m looking to the future and I’m thinking – ‘Well I’m not dealing with her [the Queen] any more, I’m dealing with him [Charles, the King].’ So there’s that element of it too.”


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