Car eerily cried out to its owner who burst into tears watching it get crushed

A car spookily cried out to its owner from the clutches of a scrapyard grabber as its emotional owner watched on in 'hysterics'

Terry Walker, who runs a scrapyard in Bolton, Lancashire claims he once witnessed a car autonomously beep its horn in its final moments as a whole vehicle.

As motorists part ways with their vehicles, some can be more emotional about saying their goodbyes than others, especially if they have driven them for a good chunk of their life.

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Self-described wheeler dealer Terry said the spookiest thing he has ever seen in his three decades at the site was a car actually responding to its owners grief.

Recognising a woman looked vulnerable as she dropped off her Vauxhall Corsa where vehicles go to rest, or rather are stripped apart for metal and parts, Terry specifically asked his team not to crush it until she had left.

Speaking to the Daily Star as his new TV show Scrapyard Dynasty airs on Quest, Terry said: "We've had it where people have been crying to get rid of their cars and I've said to the guys, listen don't squash that car while this lady is in the yard because you can see she's sensitive you know."

Sadly however, she was left crying hysterically when not everyone got the memo.

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Terry continued: "But they've not heard me or they've sent it up to the next level and not told him and he's grabbed it in front of her and this lady starts to cry and the car started to go 'BEEP, BEEP, BEEP BEEP' you know like it was crying through the horn.

"And this woman just burst out into tears and got into her car but I stopped her and got her a cup of tea to calm her down before letting her leave the yard."

Terry's wife and colleague in the family run business which ships parts around the world also remembers the spooky day vividly.

"She'd had it since new," Lyndsey added, explaining why the owner had formed such a close bond with her motor.

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Terry said: "She was hysterical. It was probably around 2002. A Vauxhall Corsa it was. It honestly sounded like it was crying when he grabbed it, a bit like it was crying.

"She'd had the car from new you see so she got attached to it. I told my crane driver off at the time and said 'why did you do that?' I told you not to.,

"I could see she were a little bit vulnerable and attached to it so I told him not to grab it while she were there but he didn't."

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