Can you spot the deadly mountain lion in this photo? Many can’t see the big cat

An image of a deadly mountain lion waiting for its prey has gone viral on social media as Facebook users try their best to spot the cleverly camouflaged cat.

Mountain lions are known for stalking their prey and considering how big they are, are rarely hard to spot.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has sparked a "where’s Waldo" moment however, after it posted a picture of a lion in Washoie County, Nevada.

Posting a snap of some rocks and wild fauna, the UFWS said: "Where's Waldo: Mountain lion in Washoe County, Nevada edition.

"Can you spy the big cat? Let us know in the comments."

Over 140 people have now responded to the post, with some eagle-eyed users spotting the animal and others left dumbfounded.

Commenting on the picture, one user wrote: "What am I looking at?"

A second said: "It’s just a photo of rocks, isn’t it?"

"Can someone message me and tell me where this lion is, I’ve been staring at my screen far too long," added a third.

It wasn’t long before someone spoiled the fun and revealed the cat is hiding on the left side of the photo, looking directly at the camera.

The lion is nestled in boulders and grass and is well hidden in the shadows as its fur is similar to the rocky terrain.

According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), mountain lions typically prefer dense cover or rocky, rugged area.

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The NDOW said: "People rarely get more than a brief glimpse of a mountain lion in the wild."

Last year, a picture of a cat hidden amongst books on a bookshelf sent the internet crazy.

New York-based journalist Kate Hinds shared a snap of her moggy to Instagram and asked friend’s to find the animal.

People to cast their eyes over ornaments, books and plants to find the concealed cat.

The post racked up 43,600 retweets and 198,800 likes.

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