Brits want Prince Charles to abdicate so William can be king, new poll finds

Prince Charles should refuse his right to be King and abdicate to Prince William when the Queen dies, Brits have suggested in a poll.

The Prince of Wales has received criticism in recent weeks following his portrayal in popular Netflix show The Crown.

As a knock-on effect, it appears the heir to the throne is now losing popularity with the British public.

In a new YouGov poll, Brits said they would prefer Prince William to take the the throne instead of his dad, Prince Charles.

Charles’ rating dropped by a massive 5% in the last five months whereas Prince William’s popularity rose by 2%.

Kate Middleton’s husband now has an 8% lead on his father, sitting at 40% on the poll compared to Charles' 32%.

On the same poll, titled: Who should succeed as King after Queen Elizabeth II , at least 14% of Brits also voted for "no monarch" after Her Majesty.

A further 15% of people opted to choose the "don't know" option.

The results come amid speculation The Queen could make Charles Prince Regent by stepping down when she reaches the age of 95 next year.

He said: "I still firmly believe when the Queen becomes 95, that she will step down."

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In a separate YouGov poll, 56% of people believe the Queen should remain on the thrown as long as she lives.

Of those who tool part in the poll, 24% claimed Her Majesty should step down and 19% are unsure.

Over 50% also believed the Queen had done a good job during her time on the throne, with just 5% of votes believing she had done a "fairly bad" or "very bad" job.

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