Brits believe Meghan and Harry will split up and hell return home says expert

Prince Harry's marriage with Meghan Markle is predicted to be short-lived by the British public and he will "make his way back home" in the future, a royal commentator said.

The Duchess of Sussex today celebrates her 40th birthday and a Channel 5 documentary has tracked her life from Hollywood to the Royal Family and her new life back in the States.

Expert Emily Andrews mentioned that Meghan wants to be a superstar but to do so, she will have to trade in on her royal connections and alienate her in-laws.

Royal journalist Ashley Pearson said since the Sussexes stepped down as senior working royals and moved to the US, many people shifted their blame to Meghan.

She said in the Meghan at 40: Climb to Power documentary: "There’s very little question in my mind that Meghan will be viewed as a villain.

"What you have to understand is that the British public really loves Harry, they don’t want to see Harry as a betrayer.

"It’s far easier to blame this other woman who is a foreigner but a lot of people believe that Harry will still come back.

"A lot of people in the UK believe that Meghan and Harry will not be together in ten years and Harry will make his way back home."

Emily also believed that the public will see the Duchess as a villain "who has taken Harry away".

She said: "Meghan will continually be, in some actions of the public consciousness and the media, portrayed as this villain who has taken Harry away.

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"I personally think that is too simplistic. I think Meghan and Harry were very unhappy in their life and so they wanted to make the change to make a more positive change.

"She doesn't want to be Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor raising her chickens and growing her own organic veg."

This comes after a biographer claimed Meghan "upset" the Royal Family because she was so much cleverer than them.

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