Britain’s youngest Lotto winner living on benefits after blowing £1.8m jackpot

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When 16-year-old Callie Rogers won the £1.8million Lotto jackpot in 2003 she probably thought that it would last a lifetime.

However, after squandering her winnings she recently appeared in court on Wednesday (March 25) after crashing her Hyundai 4×4 through a farmer's fence in Crosby, Cumbria and tested positive for cocaine.

A court heard that after veering off the country road last December, the mum-of-four, and Jason Fearon, a man she was dating, fled the scene before being caught by a police officer who passed the scene of the crash.

Rogers, 33, was pepper-sprayed by officers and refused to take a breathalyser but gave a positive cocaine drug wipe reading.

According to the Sun, prosecutor Pam Fee told Workington magistrates’ court that after he was arrested by police, Fearon revealed who was driving.

She said: "He’s then been led to the police van in which he stated, ‘I told her not to drive’, referring to the female he’d been with.”

Rogers, of Flimby, admitted failing to provide a specimen and was given an electric tag for 11 weeks restricting her movements at night as well as a driving ban for 22 months.

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She also admitted resisting an officer and was fined £200 with £100 compensation to the policeman.

Defending Rogers in court Mr Woolaghan said of Ms Rogers: “She’s in receipt of benefits at the moment – she’s in receipt of Universal Credit for herself and the children."

He added: "She is going to have to try and manage her life for the period of that disqualification without the benefit of her vehicle and her driving licence.”

Ms Rogers previously spoke out about how her jackpot win plunged her into a cycle of despair, with fake pals taking cash off her and a string of failed relationships.

Details of Rogers fall from the dizzy heights of being a millionaire were revealed in court during the trial.

The Sun reported that Rogers spent almost £2million on clothes, parties, friends, family and tag-alongs.

In 2018 she was left battered and bruised after she was assaulted by two women during a night out.

Her attackers Marie Hinde, 38, and Jade Quayle, 27, were later jailed after Rogers was left unconscious with broken ribs, smashed teeth and permanent damage to her eyesight.

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