Britains beaver invasion dubbed Beavermania as rewilding plan is slammed

Beavers are taking over the United Kingdom – and the invasion has been hilariously dubbed “Beavermania”.

Since the reintroduction of beavers in 2008, their population has grown significantly having been earlier hunted to extinction.

Around 2,000 of the critters exists in the UK, and the Government gave them protected species status.

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They were reintroduced as it was thought that they could help with the environment by assisting in the regrowth of certain trees, such as willow, hazel, rowan and aspen – thus increasing certain bird populations as a result.

And while trials are ongoing – costing £20,000 – to increase the introduction into certain parts of the country, one angry farmer has dubbed the chaos “Beavermania”.

John Lewis-Stempel, a farmer and author, was making the comments in response to the population increase, and claims that “Beavers are vegan, and don't eat fish or other animals ” made by Rewilding Britain.

He also took issues with the costs, and the bizarre attempts at protecting “wild” animals by fencing them in.

Writing for UnHerd, he said: “Beavermania needs a cold shower of reality.

“The 'rewilding superstar' is herbivorous; veganism is a human philosophical choice, and reintroducing them comes with negatives, for the environment and for people.

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“The standard model of beaver re-introduction is to initially fence the 'wild' animals in enclosures of about two hectares.

“Since beavers both burrow and climb, the fencing has to be heavy duty stuff: installation, per beaver introduction, easily costs £30,000.

“Beavers chop down the trees, of course, in order to build dams, and as any child who has ever played in a ditch or stream will explain, impede flowing water and you get flooding behind the impediment.

“When a dam built by humans floods a village, we protest, but when a beavers’ dam causes flooding, we call it a biodiverse wetland paradise – yet it is no less destructive, of both infrastructure and agricultural land.”

Mr Lewis-Stempel wasn't totally down on Beavermania, however, as he did admit that they are “engaging” ambassadors for nature and have “value” as tourist attractions.

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However, he went on to state that the British countryside and small towns will lose their appeal when “heaving with beavers”.

He added: “When they cause the environment more problems than they solve, we will regret idealising them.

“It’s time to press pause on beaver reintroduction. Before they become a damn costly pest. “

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