Brit woman ‘gang-raped by group of up to eight Belgian men’ at hotel in Greece

A Brit was reportedly gang-raped by a group of Belgian men at a hotel on the Greek island of Rhodes.

The 31-year-old woman told police she and her friends met the men, aged between 30 and 35, at a nightclub in the seaside town of Faliraki in the early hours of Sunday morning.

She and her friends then returned to the men's hotel room, where she told Greek police she had consensual sex with one of the men on the balcony of the hotel as well as inside the room, according to local news outlet Dimokratiki.

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Senior Greek police spokesperson Konstantina Damoglidou said of the incident: "They apparently hit it off and went back to their hotel. She claimed she consented to having sex.

"But when she left, she filed charges of gang rape saying she was immobilized by two of the four and gang raped. She makes no specific reference to their names in her charges."

She claimed that at some point during the time she was having consensual sex her friends left, and it was then the group of men reportedly attacked and gang-raped her.

Describing the events to police, she said she fled the hotel room and took a taxi back to her accommodation.

The woman reported the alleged incident on Monday morning at 7am local time, prompting Rhodes police to launch an investigation that has so far led to the identification of four suspects, aged 31, 31, 32 and 35.

The alleged victim identified all four men as her rapists, while all four men "did not accept the charge against them", local media reports.

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Investigators have taken DNA samples from the existing suspects and are waiting on the results of a forensic examination and tests.

Greek police said earlier today (September 7) that they have not issued an arrest warrant as "it is not established if [the woman's] claims are true."

Damoglidou said: "We continue to investigate the allegations because authorities have yet to establish that her claims are true and thus move to arrest or remand into custody the men involved in her complaint.

"Authorities are waiting for the findings of a forensic examination and medical tests the victim requested after her alleged rape by a group of four Belgian men, after a night of heavy drinking at the hedonistic resort town of Faliraki, on the island of Rhodes."

He added that "no suspect has been arrested because no arrest warrant has been issued".


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