Brit dad dies mysteriously in Cambodia with black bin bag around his head

Police are investigating the strange death of a British dad found in Cambodia with a bin bag wrapped round his head.

Jonathan Stock, 34, originally from Newcastle was sleeping at home when his wife Meiling, 39, took their two kids on the school run on Wednesday.

When she returned three hours later, she found her husband dead in the doorway with a black plastic bag wrapped round his head.

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Chief inspector Lim Puthyla said: "We are closely looking at the case. Our investigators will interview other people who knew the deceased. We will find the true cause of death."

Local media reported certain "inconsistencies" between Meiling's evidence to police and what she told reporters.

She allegedly told a journalist that Jonathan was "cooking breakfast" when she left but is thought to have told police her husband was "asleep".

Neighbours are quoted as saying the couple were "often in conflict" and that they had "a dispute" the night before his death.

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Police waiting on a post-mortem report to establish the cause of death, which happened in Battambang Province, far northwest of the country.

Meiling said told police: "I woke up my child and we went to her Chinese school. My husband asked to sleep more.

"After school I went to eat noodles at the market. When I arrived home around 9:20 am, I saw my husband dead by the doorway."

Jonathan, who was a Christian missionary school teacher, was at first thought to have committed suicide, but questions are now being raised as to whether his death was the result of a homicide.

Meiling reportedly called her mother and brother for help as well as contacting the police after finding her husband dead.

Jonathan had lived in Cambodia for more than a decade is the author of several books on the Khmer language and also ran a coffee shop with his wife.

Officers are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

The British Embassy in Phnom Penh said Jonathan's family had been informed of his death.

"We request relevant local authorities to assist in this matter and allow the family make proceed with funeral arrangement accordingly," they said.


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