Brit city dubbed car theft capital of UK with one car stolen every 64 minutes

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    Birmingham has been dubbed the car theft capital of the UK after a new study revealed that a car is stolen every 64 minutes in the city.

    New data from the experts at A-Plan Insurance has also found that on average a car is broken into every 79 seconds across the UK, while 1,112 people had something stolen from their car every day in 2022.

    In total, 405,872 car thefts were reported – a surprising 18% drop from the pervious year.

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    The data shows that Birmingham topped the theft from cars list with 8,180 in a year, while Leeds came second by a distance.

    Just 3,553 were stolen from the Yorkshire city, making it one every 148 minutes.

    Bristol, Coventry and Cardiff round out the top five, with a car stolen once between 157 and 219 minutes.

    Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Leicester complete the top 10, with a car stolen in the latter city once every 304 minutes.

    The figures have sparked an urgent warning to car owners ahead of next week's Bank Holiday.

    Car insurance expert Catherine Grayson said: “The summer months provide more opportunity for car thieves, as homeowners leave their vehicle unmonitored when heading away – particularly if they live in a multi-vehicle household.

    “Furthermore, many thieves will see the bank holiday as their last chance to break in before families return home to prepare for the back-to-school rush.

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    “This is especially true in vulnerable areas like Birmingham, Leeds, and Bristol, as thieves are clearly able to take advantage of unattended vehicles more in these cities.

    “The bank holiday weekend is also associated with many events – such as music festivals and pride events – so more people are away from home than they would normally be.

    “Even if your home is situated in a safe area and you’ve never experienced anything like a car break-in before, it's essential to prioritise vehicle security over this high-risk weekend.”

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    The expert has called on car owners to do five things in order to prevent an incident.

    She urges everyone to install an anti-theft device, hide anything valuable, park in a well-lit area, install a car alarm and make sure you remember to lock your car.

    She added: “As well as taking steps to ensure your vehicle is protected, homeowners should also follow tips to make their house secure – including leaving lights on while away, moving outdoor furniture from below any entry points, and asking a neighbour to monitor the home – to reduce the overall risk of being targeted by opportunistic thieves.”

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