Brit, 20, covered in blood after being hit by champagne bottle in sunbed row

A holidaying British student was left bloodied after allegedly being hit on the head with a champagne bottle in an argument over sunbeds at a Marbella beach.

Rojeen Imanzadeh, 20, was with her friends Blessing Gundu and Rebecca Frisch when she says she was attacked by a couple in a poolside row.

Rojeen was struck on the head with a bottle and was left "covered in blood" with a gaping hole in her head that required stitches, reports the Sun.

The young women allegedly got into a dispute with a couple over sunbeds at the popular celebrity hotspot Nikki Beach, which culminated in the man hurling an empty bottle of Moet champagne at Rojeen's head.

The group alleges they were confronted and cornered by staff while the couple, who were both white, were allowed to leave – despite Rojeen's injuries.

"There was a waiter standing by us the entire time this was going on, when they were shouting and swearing, and he didn’t even think to call security," Blessing said.

"I wanted them to be stopped before they left and then the manager of Nikki Beach grabbed my hand and said if I go anywhere he will call the police and that I was going to be in trouble.

"He said, 'Why are you so angry? Just leave them be'."

Blessing, Rebecca and Rojeen were escorted to another part of the pool club.

Nikki Beach staff then allegedly warned them not to record any footage or take photos of Rojeen’s injuries "until they were wiped."

Blessing and Rebecca then tried to complain about the situation to staff but were met with “threats to call the police and sue us", they say.

According to the girls, Nikki Beach employees then called the police – but not any medical services for Rojeen, who was only attended to by a club medic who cleaned and dressed her wound.

"When we asked the staff for the number of the police and an ambulance, they laughed in our face," Blessing claims.

"They didn’t want to tell us and just mocked us over the situation.

"They gaslighted us the entire time. They weren’t taking us seriously."

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Rebecca posted on Instagram: ''I am 100% sure a group of white girls would not be made to move because a couple had simply requested it for no reason.

''There were no other black people there other than me and Blessing…

''The way the situation was handled was again racist as they let the white couple leave after smashing Rojeen in the head with a bottle.

''Again if we had thrown the bottle, I know we would have been arrested…

''I can say this with full confidence, that if we were a white group of girls the club would not have handled the situation like this.''

Rojeen now has to head to the hospital every two days to have her wound cleaned and her dressing changed.

A spokesperson for Nikki Beach said: ''Nikki Beach ownership and staff are appalled that such an incident occurred on our property on June 23rd.

''Our deepest sympathy goes to the victims. We are a global family company with locations in 10 countries, where we interact with multiple languages, cultures and ethnicities peacefully and with respect to all individual rights.

''We do not condone violence or discrimination of any form. We commend our staff for the quick response that allowed for the prompt capture of the responsible party.

''The suspect was apprehended, arrested, booked and remains in jail at this time. What took place on June 23rd goes totally against our company values and mission statement to celebrate life with humility, gratitude and respect for all human life.''

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