Boy in wheelchair after dog attack left him looking like shark bite victim

A 10-year old boy has been left needing a zimmer frame and a wheelchair after suffering a horrific injury at the hands of a dog.

John Henry Dundas, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was left screaming in agony and unable to walk after a Staffordshire Bull Terrier locked its jaws around his leg on October 6.

The rugby-playing youngster was in his friend’s house when the dog first took a bite at his leg before it paused and took a second bite where it “locked” onto his leg and refused to let go, according to his mum Natasha Dundas.

John Henry was left with a gruesome wound, which later revealed he suffered deep cuts and lacerations to his calf.

"It looked like he had been bitten by a shark," Natasha told the Daily Star.

"When I heard he was bitten, I thought it would be a little nip or something but I was never prepared for that.

"The whole thing has been horrific for him and he is still in so much pain. He can’t walk so has to use a wheelchair or a zimmer frame. They can’t tell us when he will be back to himself again."

John Henry was left unable to walk once the dog decided to let go.

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The owners did not call an ambulance but left John Henry on the doorstep as they went to get his mum, which took 40 minutes.

When Natasha, 32, found her son, she told him to get up and get into the car because she still had no idea the extent of his injuries.

She was left in horror at the extent of the wound caused by the dog and immediately took him to hospital.

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John Henry then had to be transferred from Doncaster Royal Infirmary to Sheffield Children's Hospital.

He went through a number of skin graft operations but faces many more in the future as he grows.

John Henry is at home recovering but unable to move unaided and is on morphine to ease his pain.

It is not known when the youngster will be back to his normal self but John Henry is gutted about missing out on his rugby season.

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His family are aware he faces several months of recovery even just to start walking again.

South Yorkshire Police were called regarding the dog and initially took the canine away but have since returned it.

Natasha learned after the incident that the same dog has been involved in attacks on others in the area.

The mother-of-two added: "I just can’t believe the dog has been handed back. I don’t understand why they would want a dog like that after seeing what it has done to my son.

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"We know it has attacked others before but still nothing has been done. They are still able to walk the dog around our streets off a lead. My son is terrified of it and he will have to watch out for it, even on the way to school."

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: "Police were called at around 8:30pm on 6 October to reports that a child had been bitten by a dog in Essex Avenue, Doncaster.

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"The victim, a 10-year-old boy, suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital via his parents.

"Officers attended the scene and the dog was seized.

"A man was interviewed under caution in connection to the incident. Officers have now exhausted all possible lines of enquiry into the circumstances surrounding this incident but any new information can be passed to police by calling 101 quoting incident number 866 of 6 October."

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The mother has also started a petition regarding the incident with the dog, which you can find information on here.

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