Boy dropped off at wrong school and left alone for hours as bus driver sped off

A boy aged just five-years-old was dropped off at the wrong school and abandoned by a bus driver who sped off and left the youngster trapped.

The oblivious parents were completely unaware that their five-year-old son had been sent off to the wrong school, where he was left for hours.

Police eventually managed to track down the youngster, who had been dumped by a bus driver at Park Lakes Elementary School in Florida, United States, where he is not enrolled as a pupil.

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Confused teachers didn't recognise the youngster, and subsequently called police after the five-year-old was spotted wandering the halls.

A photograph of the kid was released in the hopes that someone could help identify him, as the youngster was unable to give staff any information.

The bus driver had dropped the kid off at the school gates on Monday morning but and subsequently sped away from the youngster who was unable to talk to anyone, police have said.

Police at the time released a statement to Twitter, writing: "BSO deputies are working a developing incident regarding a 5yo child located at Park Lakes Elementary in Lauderdale Lakes.

"The child doesn't appear to be registered at the school, & deputies are unable to locate his parent(s)/guardian."

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He was initially placed in the care of Child Protective Investigations Section workers before his parents were reunited with their son, The Mirror reported.

It is unclear so far as to whether the parents will face charges or what led him to being dropped off at the wrong school, but there was outcry from Twitter over the state of school buses.

One woman wrote: "This why we need to stop using one bus for multiple schools. This keeps happening to these babies."

A second tweet from the Broward Sheriff office read: "BSO investigators have located the parents of a child that was dropped off at Park Lakes Elementary in Lauderdale Lakes. The circumstances surrounding the incident remains under investigation."

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