Boy, 7, chained by killer mum who forced him to write out Im a horrible son

A heartbreaking diary left by a seven-year-old boy who police believe was murdered by his mother tells a tale of horrific abuse.

Whole pages of the journal kept by Miguel dos Santos Rodrigues journal were filled with lines such as: "I'm bad. I'm cruel. I'm evil. I suck. I don't know how to value anyone. I'm a horrible son."

Brazilian police believe Miguel’s 26-year-old mother Yasmin Vaz dos Santos Rodrigues forced him to write out the lines, along with other soul-destroying phrases such as "I'm an idiot" and "I don't deserve the mum I have” before she killed him.

Miguel’s mother eventually confessed to drugging him with antidepressants before cramming his limp body into a duffle bag and throwing him into a river.

But she waited two days after the incident before reporting Miguel “missing”.

Rodrigues had been set to hand over responsibility for Miguel to her mum but learned on July 28 that an error in the paperwork meant he would have to stay with her. It was on that day that she is believed to have killed her son.

Rodrigues’s campaign of abuse appeared to have begun at around the time she started living with her girlfriend, 23-year-old Bruna Nathieli Porto da Rosa.

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Police have obtained a video in which da Rosa appears to be taunting the boy. In the clip, she can be heard saying: "If your mother comes and you wet yourself, I'll take you apart with a stick.

"If you p*** (on yourself) I'll take your p*** and rub it in your face"

"Do you understand?” She adds, “It will be very easy for me."

In a statement, police chief Antonio Carlos Ractz said: "What is already clear and we will confirm during the investigations is that the child was living under intense physical and psychological torture.

"He was malnourished. Although he was enrolled in school, he had no friends and did not go anywhere. He was locked in a room in the house, placed in punishment, locked and tied inside a closet."

After Rodrigues confessed, police searched the family home and found a chain that had been used to tie Miguel up in a wardrobe. His body has not yet been found.

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