Boy, 16, led teen mob of thugs on brutal shootings sprees and an arson attack

A 16-year-old boy led a mob of teenage thugs in three shootings and an awful arson attack.

Harry O'Brien controlled a crew of dealers selling cannabis on the streets but his leading "lucrative" trade was exposed after a "feud" led to a brutal three shootings in three weeks in South Liverpool.

One of the gun attacks saw bullets fired from an Audi at a BMW as two cars sped side-by-side past each other in the dead of night, Liverpool Echo reports.

A bullet flew through the front door of an "entirely innocent" family's home and shot into their hallway stairs.

In a second attack, a gunman on an electric bike shot into a family's living room with bullets and fired into another victim's bedroom.

Another attack saw O'Brien have petrol poured through the letterbox of a a mother's home and set ablaze, as she and her children ran for their lives.

O'Brien is still aged 17 but the ECHO today convinced one of Liverpool's top judges it was in the public interest to lift reporting restrictions on his case, allowing his brutality from December 2020 and June 2021 to be brought to light.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the attacks on two families, the Franchettis and the Rosarios.

Judge Neil Flewitt, QC, claimed they were "the manifestation of a feud" between O'Brien's gang and "others".

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He said: "Unhappily, the lives of entirely innocent people, including young children, were put at risk by the cowardly and callous acts of all those involved."

O'Brien, who arranged and took part in all three shootings, "orchestrated the arson" and the cannabis plot was "his enterprise".

David Temkin, QC, prosecuting, said: "Harry O'Brien was at the heart of the criminality in this case."

The first shooting took place in late December, after the unknown occupants of a silver BMW X5 driving through Dingle looking for O'Brien and his gang, "rammed" into another BMW being driven by O'Brien's mum.

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The car also had Christine McPartland, her son, Michael McClean, Aaron Donohoe and an unknown fourth male onboard.

She rang police at 10.30pm to report the crash in Beresford Road as her son and his gang fled.

Mr Temkin said: "What happened next was revenge."

O'Brien, McClean, Donohoe and the fourth male set off in the Audi now armed with a loaded gun and fired three shots at the BMW in Dingle Lane, with one piercing the front door of a couple's home and their seven-year-old child's home.

O’Brien was locked up up for nine years and eight months, with an extended three years on licence.

McClean, 18, was locked up for eight and a half years for similar offences.

Donohoe, 20, was also locked up for six years and four months for similar offences.

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