Boozy Brits pack the streets for one more night before second lockdown kicks in

Boozy Brits hit the town for one last night before the second lockdown hits.

Huge crowds across the country seemed to forget their face masks and social distancing in plain view of police as hundreds of revellers partied in Newcastle last night as pubs slashed beer prices to 99p.

Similar scenes of fun were seen Nottingham and Portsmouth with couples kissing in the streets.

Many cooped-up students shared a final drink with pals before the whole country goes under a second lockdown in a bid to reverse a dramatic surge in coronavirus infections.

Under the restrictions, all non-essential businesses must shut including bars, pubs and clubs for four weeks from tomorrow.

Prime minister Boris Johnson announced his latest U-turn, this time on a circuit breaker lockdown, last weekend – telling Brits to "stay at home" for four weeks on Saturday.

He is said to have heeded scientists' calls after he was warned there could be several thousand deaths a day if action was not taken to curtail the rise of coronavirus cases.

Meanwhile, Britain faces three or more coronavirus waves and repeated lockdowns, a minister has warned.

Penny Mordaunt, the Paymaster General, warned of rolling shutdowns as the country tackles future Covid-19 surges.

  • UK faces three or more coronavirus waves and repeated lockdowns, minister warns

But she told MPs this did not prove they did not work as some critics have argued, and instead gave the country time to prepare.

She said they were necessary as a “high proportion” of the population will remain vulnerable to being infected once restrictions are lifted.

Her remarks came ahead of a vote on Wednesday by MPs on the UK’s second national lockdown, which is due to start on tomorrow.

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