Boozy Brits bare all on Christmas lash amid fears of a winter lockdown

Boozy Brits have been causing chaos on the lash as they get their Christmas celebrations in early amid fears of another winter lockdown.

Rowdy revellers have bared all and packed out pubs, bars and clubs following Boris Johnson announcing new Covid restrictions on Wednesday.

The streets of Leeds were rammed on Thursday night by drunk punters making the most of their freedom.

With the Plan B Christmas Covid measures starting to come into place today, some funseekers saw it as their last chance to party without any restrictions.

Some, however, took the early Christmas celebrations too far as one man was spotted being handcuffed by police outside of a pub.

Another was pictured keeled over on the street, being sick down his Christmas-themed suit.

Others were seen getting into the festive spirit, donning Santa hats and giving each other presents as they queued with the hundreds of others.

Some groups even posed in front of photographers, grinning from ear-to-ear as they enjoyed their midweek outing.

Although people yesterday may have partied as if pubs and clubs are shutting completely, Brits will still be able to have big boozy weekends under the new rules.

Pubs are actually set to remain relatively unchanged by the introduction of Plan B.

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Although face masks are now mandatory for "public indoor venues", the government included an exception regarding places where people "eat, drink or exercise".

It isn't clear whether you'll have to put a mask on when moving around pubs, but the government have said that you won't need a vaccine passport to get inside – meaning access to booze is, thankfully, unaffected.

Clubbers and ravers do face that extra restriction, with vaccine passports becoming mandatory for entry to clubs from December 15.

The new rules stipulate that proof of double vaccination or a negative lateral flow test will allow you to throw shapes on the country's dance floors.

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Indoor clubs are set to be restricted to a maximum 500 person capacity, whereas outdoor venues can host up to 4,000 tipsy punters.

Clubs and pubs may actually turn out to be the easiest places to get drunk this Christmas, with reports from last month warning of a festive booze shortage.

Amid the supply chain crisis, alcohol producers have expressed concerns that champagne, wine, gin, whisky, and festive staples such as mulled wine and Buck's fizz may disappear from supermarket shelves.

Deliveries of alcohol from the UK's supermarkets could be delayed two weeks, they warned.

A letter sent to the government from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association called for urgent action “to avoid some of our favourite tipples from disappearing from the UK supermarket shelves”.

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Ed Baker, managing director of wine producer Kingsland, told The Sun: "We are bottling 2.5million to three million litres a week — that is slightly lower than normal as a result of the supply chain issues.

"We have already had hold-ups bringing wine in from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

"That was due to a lack of shopping containers and then hold-ups at ports."

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