Bloke tells neighbours to let man die elsewhere as he didnt want him on garden

A man was saved from dying by a helpful passerby after suffering a "serious seizure" in his car, but the family who owned the garden his car had rolled onto were more concerned about their property.

The shocking incident happened on Monday when the neighbourhood hero, identified only as Tony, spotted the man in distress.

According the local Sheriff's office, the lawn worker was on his way to work in a Palm Beach County community, in Florida, before he stepped in to help the man in the vehicle.

Tony immediately rushed to the scene and attempted to stop the vehicle from rolling with his own hands, police said.

Deputies wrote on a Facebook post: “Without thinking twice, Tony ran up to the rolling car on Dunes Road and grabbed the fender to try and stop it from rolling down the street further.

“It ran over Tony’s foot, but thankfully he had steel-toe boots on!”

The car eventually came to a stop on a neighbour's lawn but the driver was still in a "terrible shape" and Tony's priority was to ensure he remained stable and safe.

Tony screamed and begged for help from the occupants from the house but they had an unusual reaction to the terrifying situation.

The family who's garden the car had rolled on to prioritised their property and told Tony and the ill man to "get off" their lawn.

Tony had recognised the man in the driver's seat as a neighbour and rushed to his wife alerting her of the situation.

Emergency services arrived at the scene not long after and cared for the man.

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They treated him at the scene and the man survived the ordeal, something that may not have ended happily without the help of Tony.

After recovering from the serious seizure the driver, who remains unidentified, called the Sheriff's office and asked for Tony's contact details so he could thank him personally.

In a Facebook post, the deputies stated: “The man said, ‘I want to talk to Tony… he saved my life.’”

The sheriff's office shared a photo of lifesaver Tony and called him a "true neighbourhood hero".

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