Bloke crawls into storm drain ‘after bad day’ and ends up trapped for two days

A man in his 30s had to be rescued by the emergency services after crawling into a storm drain and getting trapped for two days.

The unnamed man told rescuers he was having a “bad day” when he entered the drains from a park about a mile from where he was found, in Glendale, Arizona.

He was only found two days later when some passers-by spotted him waving his hands and called the fire brigade, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

Rescuers used meters to check whether oxygen levels in the drain were life-threatening before devising a plan to rescue the man.

Glendale Fire Department spokesperson, Ashley Losch, said that some sections of storm drains are particularly dangerous because they have low oxygen levels.

She added that the man appeared to be fine as he climbed up the ladder, which was lowered into the drain but was nonetheless taken to hospital for a thorough examination.

Video showed the tired-looking man being helped onto a stretcher by paramedics after coming out of the manhole.

Losch said: "It's not something we see every day. But we're ready."

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A Glendale Fire Department statement said: “Please do not enter storm drains for any reason, they can be extremely dangerous.”

This comes as last year a man who weighs 19st had to be pulled to safety from a well after he accidentally fell in and got stuck, after helping his parents to fill in the well by throwing wood and other rubbish inside.

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