Bloke confronts woman sitting in train seat – but some say she shouldnt move

A bloke sparked a debate on a train after he confronted a woman for sitting in the reserved seat he paid for as people say he should not have to move.

Boris Becker (no not that one), who posts online under the username @mr_boris_becker, shared a video of himself confronting a woman who was sat in his assigned seat.

He told her that he had booked seat 103, which was where she was sitting, and that she would have to move.

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However, she tried to brush it off and pointed down the train carriage saying: "There's a place available."

But he insisted she needed to move as he had paid to reserve the seat she was sitting in which seemed to make other passengers nearby unhappy.

As the woman finally gets up to move seats, a woman opposite them on the train interrupted him to argue that the woman shouldn't have to move.

In the caption of the video, which has now gained more than 370,000 likes, Boris wrote: "Sorry I paid for my place."

TikTok viewers were left outraged with the woman who interrupted the confrontation as they took to the comments to let Boris know that he was in the right.

One user said: "The audacity of the other woman interrupting even tho he’s right wow."

Another added: "This happens all too often, entitled people think rules don’t apply to them, then have the audacity to moan when confronted."

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A third commented: "The audacity of her asking him to find another seat while she’s sitting in the seat that he paid for."

"Good for him," a fourth cheered.

The news comes after a traveller crossing the US refused to give up a plane seat for a mum and child after she paid for the seat next to her to remain empty.

The woman sparked a debate on Reddit after she claimed she liked to have “a buffer” between her and the next person.


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