Beastly 6ft-tall dog is mistaken for a lion and makes walkers cross road

A man claims this his monstrous six-foot dog is often mistaken for a lion and a pony.

Jamal Miah adopted Kenzo, a Central Asian Shepherd after his friend decided to rehome the pooch when Kenzo grew too big.

Despite only being three years old, Kenzo already weighs 85kg (187 lbs) and stands at six feet tall on his hind legs.

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Making the beast of a pup not only taller but also heavier than the average fully-grown man.

And Jamal says people are so taken aback by the huge dog, they often cross the street to avoid walking by him.

White Kenzo is often mistaken for a lion – and he certainly eats like the king of the jungle.

Jamal from East London says the big dog eats five pounds of raw meat every day – setting him back a whopping £1,200 a year.

The dog owner said: "We saw him and said 'oh my god'. He's so big and he's just a puppy.

"It's 50/50. Some people are scared and cross the street when they see him, and others just want to stroke and pet him.

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"People will question me, like: 'What is this dog'? They'll say 'what is that'? 'Is that a pony'? 'Is it a lion'?

"My daughters were scared of him initially because of his size. But after a few walks, they got used to him. He knows they're my daughters, so he's their natural protector now."

Jamal has had to dog-proof his home to accommodate the big dog’s massive size, including huge iron gates to stop Kenzo from crashing through the fence in his back garden.

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He has also had to hire a professional dog trainer to condition him into accepting going inside.

So far, the owner thinks he has spent about £10,000 caring for his dog including food, training, and general maintenance.

Jamal, the founder of youth development program OMG Education, said: "A central Asian shepherd is not a dog for the beginner dog owner.

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"They are naturally outdoor dogs, and they're meant to be outside.

"I wanted him to be a friendly family dog, and to break the stigma around big dogs like him."

But despite his size, Jamal said Kenzo is "really friendly with dogs and people he knows" and the two have "a really good bond together".


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