BBC Weather: Temperatures sky-rocket by nearly 10C next week as unusual warm blast hits UK

BBC Weather: Temperatures set to be 'well above normal'

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The UK is set to bask in unusual October warmth, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. Temperatures will sky-rocket by nearly 10C across the country between Friday and Tuesday. BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said that temperatures will jump from 9C to 18C in Elgin, and London will see temperatures rise to 21C.

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast viewers that areas of the UK will start today “below freezing” before things turn milder.

He explained: “It is a chilly start for some in Scotland and northern England, where temperatures are below freezing.

“But it begins to turn milder from today across the country, with most places dry.

“Temperatures across the country on Friday ranged from 9C in Elgin to 15C in London – which is close to the average for mid-October.”

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He continued: “Over the next few days, temperatures will be on the rise and by Tuesday well above normal for this time of year.

“A good 9C difference in Elgin, where it will reach 18C, with 21C in London.

“That milder air will be creeping in slowly this weekend

“Today we have some light cloud moving into the UK, with areas of light rain. There will be some mist and fog across Wales and the southwest of England.

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“But, as I said, temperatures will be creeping up. Certainly, a big leap across northern England and Northern Ireland, compared to yesterday. But still a bit chilly in Scotland.

“Overnight, there will be a lot more cloud and a lot of places will see some rain into tomorrow morning, which will see a much milder start.

“Into next week, we have an area of low pressure that will be driving our weather, bringing in the weather front all the way from the Atlantic.”


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The BBC meteorologist added: “The milder air pushing in will also bring some outbreaks of rain.

“It will be a changeable week with outbreaks of rain. Windiest conditions are set for Wednesday.”

He warned that temperatures will “drop once again by the end of the week” when it could be “even colder than it was yesterday”.

This comes as Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has told energy bosses that Britain’s mild winter could protect households from rising energy bills.

He shared internal long-term forecasts, which showed that the Met Office is expecting a wet and mild winter, with energy companies.

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