BBC Weather: Europe hit by above average temperatures as 35C heat spike surges

BBC Weather: Higher than average temperatures across Europe

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BBC Weather forecaster Chris Fawkes said Europe can expect hot temperatures over the next few weeks. Mr Fawkes highlighted that France would see some of the hottest temperatures of 35C. Southeastern parts of Europe would see similarly high numbers and parts of the UK have been also forecast to reach 30C in a short-lived heatwave later this week.

Mr Fawkes said: “High pressure continues to bring some fine weather across parts of western Europe.

“Temperatures are above average in the area.

“In the southwest of Europe, we have seen some thundery rain in both Portugal and Spain.

“That area of low pressure will continue to bring those showers into parts of Spain and Portugal on Tuesday as well.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster highlighted the hot temperatures expected in central Europe and over the next few days.

He said: “Further east we have got some high pressure dragging some hot air across France and parts of England.

“Temperatures could reach the low 30s in places, it is very warm indeed for September.

“In southeast Europe, we’ll see quite a gusty wind blowing so around some of the northern islands in Greece will have some rough seas.”

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Temperatures in this region may also see warm temperatures.

“Istanbul and Athens will see temperatures around the mid-20s.

While Antalya could reach as high as 32C with Nicosia reaching 33C.

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Mr Fawkes closed by saying: “It will be hot and sunny in Paris and London on Tuesday with 29C in London and 30C or so in Paris.

“Further north, wet and windy weather for parts of Norway.

“On Wednesday there will be a little overall change.

“But we are starting to see some thunderstorms arrive across western France and some parts in England.

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