BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns frosty conditions to FREEZE Britain as mercury plummets

Ms Kirkwood warned that while “Scotland, much of northern England, northern Wales and Northern Ireland” will experience dry weather today, the south of England will experience drizzly rain and murky conditions. The BBC meteorologist stated this was because of a persistent weather front in the south of Britain.   

Ms Kirkwood said: “Some murky conditions this morning.

“You can see the cloud occasioned with rain across parts of England and Wales

“The rain is fairly patchy, drizzly conditions but fairly murky.

“To the south, it is still mild.

“To the north, it is cold and frosty.

“There is a lot of dry weather across Scotland, much of northern England, northern Wales and Northern Ireland with just one or two showers.”

She continued: “We hang onto this cloud for much of the day though.

“Temperatures are lower than yesterday.

“Some parts of the south hit 15 or 16 degrees yesterday.

“Today we are looking at temperatures between 6 and 10 degrees.

“Through this evening and overnight, we still have a weather front in the south.

“In the north, it is going to be cold with clearer skies.”

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Temperatures reached 17C on Tuesday during what was the warmest day of the year so far. But by the end of this week, temperatures will nosedive to -3C in the UK and cold air will cause rain to pour.

There will be frost and temperatures of 8-10C for the rest of the UK.

Temperatures are expected to improve next week, bringing much needed warmer temperatures to the UK.

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “The 18C warmest days of the year are possible before the chill, as floods finally ease.”

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