Balclutha boy rescued after being trapped under deck

A five-year-old Balclutha boy has been rescued after getting trapped under a deck at his home.

The Balclutha Fire Brigade was alerted about 8.50am today after the child got stuck in Glasgow St.

On arrival, Mark Senada was discovered about five metres distant from an access hatch, unable to move backwards due to trapping his head under a beam.

After working to reassure him, emergency personnel cleared the deck and used a crowbar to remove planking, allowing access to the crawl space.

Officers were able to help Mark change position, allowing him to free his head and emerge from the hole, to the relief of his parents Amy and Samuel.

Senada said her son would often crawl beneath the deck to retrieve fallen objects and, on this occasion, she had asked him to retrieve her credit card.

“I feel terrible for asking him now, but he seems to be fine.

“A shower and some more cuddles, and then back to normal.”

Mr and Mrs Senada thanked the fire crew for their prompt action.

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