Babysitter, 17, forced toddler to smoke weed in video she shared online

A teen has been charged with child abuse after forcing a toddler to smoke weed.

Naledi Roberts, 17, recorded footage of her lighting a joint before placing it into a one-year-old girl's mouth.

The toddler is then seen inhaling it as the ember of the joint at the other end flickers.

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Roberts, it is alleged, then took it out of the child's mouth and continued to smoke it.

Following allegations of the child abuse, officers drove to a private residence in Florida, on Thursday (March 23) but it remains unclear as to how detectives came across the footage.

Following her arrest on Friday, Roberts admitted to smoking marijuana near the child, which was her 16-year-old friend's little girl, Daily Mail reports.

She then subsequently admitted putting the joint in the child's mouth after being shown the footage.

Roberts has since been charged with one count of child abuse and taken to Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Centre.

A Pinellas County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman told the Daily Mail that the child seemed to be in good health and hadn't suffered any negative health effects from the incident.

Roberts was found to have no prior convictions, though had been stopped by police for two traffic violations.

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She was found driving with a learner permit without a person aged 21 or over in the passenger seat in October 2021 and in December 2022, paying two fines of $166 (£135) for each offence.

In Florida, child abuse or neglect that doesn’t cause bodily harm, disfigurement or disability is punishable by up to five years in prison, with a potential fine of up to $4,000.

According to Harvard University, studies have shown that by age 14, children exposed to cannabis were almost twice as likely to “exhibit delinquent behaviours as drug use” and more than twice as likely to use cannabis and tobacco regularly as adults.

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