Australian Prime Minister fears children are ‘silent victims’ of coronavirus

It comes as the country questions how it will approach reopening it’s economy and the economic impact of workers isolated at home.

The Australian Prime Minister made a statement as the country begins it’s recovery from the virus praising the importance of teachers amid the crisis.

He spoke on Facebook: “I want teachers to know from me, both as a parent and as a prime minister, just how appreciated you are and how important the job is that you’re doing right now and how much you are needed.

“The education of our children hangs in the balance.

“It’s so important that children are able to keep physically going to school particularly for (lower income or disadvantaged) kids.

“We cannot allow a situation where parents are forced to chose between putting food on the table through their employment, to support their kids, and their kids’ education.”

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The Australian leader’s post risks reopening cracks between the federal government and various state jurisdictions over whether children should be attending school while much of the country is in lockdown mode.

Mr Morrison said that official health advice has consistently deemed the risks to children from attending school to be very low.

Some COVID-19 models show that the closure of schools has a minimal impact on the spread of coronavirus.

Some state leaders have urged parents to keep children at home while trade unions have highlighted the risks to teachers.

Australia’s rate of new COVID-19 infections has been sustained at levels much lower than other countries for weeks.

They have seen 6,440 cases of coronavirus and 61 deaths as of Wednesday morning.

The country has so far retained strict social distancing rules that have closed businesses and confined people to their homes.

But questions are arising of the lockdowns impact on the economy, and the government has started looking at ways to partially begin reopening society.


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Morrison has said that there’s more to be done to get protections in place before there can be any discussion about easing of restrictions.

He said in an interview with SBS that is “many, many weeks away”.

“We want to avoid the horrific scenes we have seen overseas.

“I mean, this idea of herd immunity, they are not achieving that in Italy or the United States.

“Or the United Kingdom for that matter.

“And look at the horrific scenes there.

“I don’t want to see those in Australia.

“So we need to be very careful.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg referred to the low new infection rate when addressing International Monetary Fund (IMF) released overnight that Australia’s economy would contract by 6.7 percent this year.

It has been projected as rebounding in 2021 with growth of 6.1 percent.

The IMF also predicted a rise in Australian unemployment to 7.6 percent this year and to 8.9 percent next year.

The treasurer said: At the time the IMF were putting together their figures, the Australian curve was heading in the wrong direction if you like.

“We were seeing an exponential increase of more than 20 percent a day …

“Since that time, we’ve bent that curve and we’re seeing a growth of less than 2 percent per day and our health measures are making significant progress.”

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