Australia outback rescue: Family safe after being stranded in campervan for four days

A family of four, who were left stranded in the Australian outback when their campervan got bogged down following heavy rain, have been rescued.

Perth couple Orios and Lindsey Zavros, and their two young children Zane and Zoe, were trapped in the Simpson Desert for four days, facing searing temperatures before police were able to send help on Tuesday.

A helicopter winched their vehicle back to safety at Coober Pedy, according to ABC News, where they have undergone medical checks.

Temperatures are forecast to reach 38C (100F) in the area in the coming days.

On hearing of the rescue plan Mr Zavros’s mother, Theo Zavros, told the news outlet: “We are thrilled – thrilled to bits – that they are going to be finally rescued.”

She said she was especially looking forward to speaking to Zoe, aged three.

“We understand the three-year-old was a little bit sensitive to everything so I can’t wait to speak to her – basically to speak to all of them,” she said.

The family got into trouble after a major storm swept across South Australia, leaving them bogged down and stranded about 150km (95 miles) from Oodnadatta, the closest town, on Friday.

They called for aid but were told help could be several days, or even weeks, away.

On Monday, an airdrop was made to the family to deliver a satellite phone and emergency supplies, 7NEWS reported.

The family have been on a 12-month tour of Australia since November last year and have chronicled their adventures on Instagram.

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