Angela Merkel leaves press in stitches after brutal response to Donald Trump ‘charm’ claim

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reaction to a question concerning US President Donald Trump sparked laughter among journalists. The European leader was holding her traditional summer press conference, where she discusses themes relating to domestic issues and foreign policy. Ms Merkel was asked about her relationship with Mr Trump, ahead of the US election later this year.

The question followed Richard Grenell, the former acting director of National Intelligence and ambassador to Germany, claims that he watched the President “charm” Ms Merkel.

Mr Grenell told the Republican National Convention the American leader had done so while “insisting that Germany pay its NATO obligations”.

A journalist at Ms Merkel’s press conference asked if Trump really had “charmed” her.

Following the question, Ms Merkel appeared confused and said: “He did what?”

After the query was repeated, the Chancellor added: “Ah, I see…”

The press conference room burst out laughing when she looked down instead of responding immediately.

Laughing herself, Ms Merkel told them: “I don’t share private conversations.

“So I am not going to comment on that now.”

At her 2019 summer conference, the German leader took a big stand against her US ally.

Ms Merkel strongly criticised President Trump for a diatribe against Democratic congresswomen.

The US leader had tweeted that the congresswomen of colour should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came”.

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All of the congresswomen were US citizens, and three of them were born in the United States.

Trump’s remarks were accused of being racist, although he dismissed that description and said he did not have “a racist bone” in his body.

Ms Merkel had told the German press: “I firmly distance myself from it and feel solidarity toward the attacked women.

“People of very different nationalities have contributed to the strength of the American people.

“The statements contradict the strength of America.”

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