Andrew had unfortunate childhood nickname after temper tantrums, claims author

Prince Andrew's childhood temper tantrums earned him the first of two unwanted nicknames growing up, a royal author has claimed.

According to biographer Nigel Cawthorne, the young Duke of York caused havoc for palace staff, most notably his nanny, Mabel Anderson.

Throwing temper tantrums and being stubborn to instruction saw him named Baby Grumpling by Mabel – the author writes.

‘That young imp’ was another term the nanny dubbed the young prince with as he grew up in the 1960s, it's been said.

His mischievous behaviour included stripping Mabel’s radio of its valves or tying together the shoelaces of the palace's stationary guards, known as sentries.

Andrew's antics were reportedly a far cry from those of his older siblings, Charles and Anne who were both born before their mother became Queen.

Having a monarch for a mother brought the bonus of her attention, more play places to run around in and treats. Unlike his older brother and sister, Andrew had seven nurseries in four palaces to enjoy.

Prince Philip saw more of himself in Andrew than Charles and as a result let him off the hook for his pranks, Mr Cawthorne wrote.

He said: "Prince Philip, too, delighted in his boisterous young son, who seemed far more like him than the self-conscious and complicated Charles. Somehow, Andrew was always forgiven — even when he sprinkled itching powder in his mother’s bed or climbed on to the roof of Buckingham Palace to turn the TV aerial so that the Queen wouldn’t be able to watch the racing at Sandown Park.

"After that last prank, however, even his fond mother had to admit: ‘He is not always a little ray of sunshine about the home.’"

His nicknames of Baby Grumpling and that young imp evolved into 'The Sniggerer' when he hit his teenage years at boarding school, it's been reported.

Andrew was sent to Heatherdown prep school in Ascot, Berkshire, at the age of eight and swiftly gained a reputation as a bit of a bully — or ‘a natural boss’, according to Philip.

Mr Cawthorne claimed the school staff were not sorry to see him leave.

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He added: "Next, Andrew was sent to board at Gordonstoun, in Scotland, where he signally failed to shine academically and at sport. Nor was he popular: fellow pupils described him as ‘boastful’ and ‘big-headed’.

"They also dubbed him ‘The Sniggerer’ because he kept telling blue jokes and then laughing so hard, according to one boy, that ‘you [couldn’t] understand the punch-line.’"

Prince Andrew's representatives have been contacted for a comment.

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