Ancient Egypt used Putins brutal chosen punishment, grim discovery suggests

A shocking new discovery of 12 severed hands suggests Ancient Egyptian leaders used the same amputation punishments as Russia's war mad leader Vladimir Putin.

The grim find was made across three pits in a former courtyard by the throne room of a 15th century Hykos Palace in Tell el-Bab'a, Egypt.

But the severed hands date to around the time of ancient Egypt, as detailed in a new report published by a team of archaeologists via Scientific Reports.

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Led by the German Archaeological Institute's Julia Gresky, the team includes Manfred Bietak, Emmanuele Petiti, Christiane Scheffler and Michael Schultz.

They state: “For the first time, the severed right hands of 12 individuals have been analysed osteologically.

The right hands belonged to at least 12 adults, 11 males, and possibly one female.

“It is unclear if the hands were taken from dead or living individuals.

“After removing any attached parts of the forearm, the hands were placed in the ground with wide-splayed fingers, mainly on their palmar sides.

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“Although this kind of practice is known from tomb or temple inscriptions and reliefs from the New Kingdom onwards, this is the first time that physical evidence has been used to learn more about the procedure and the individuals whose hands were taken.”

Images from the dig site show, in very clear and gruesome detail, hands reaching out from below the soil.

It is not clear where the bodies are, or if they were taken while the victims were dead or alive, however.

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The method of punishment was once favoured by Putin.

In 2008, he said, when asked how he would deal with “corrupt officials” in his country: “It would be good to cut off the hand, as they used to in the Middle Ages.”

But it now appears that the torture method predates the Middle Ages, after the Egyptian discovery.

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