Americans getting impatient with Harry for slagging off royals, expert says

The BBC’s former royal correspondent has said that Americans are getting more and more fed up with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Michael Cole, who worked for the BBC for 20 years, told Sky News Australia that Americans were sick of the couple's "whining and moaning".

He said that part of the drop in ratings came from the public spat the Sussexes have with the rest of the Firm.

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“I have a feeling that Americans are getting rather impatient with them," he said.

"People don't want to hear people slagging off their own families because of course there are difficulties in every family, it would be extraordinary if there weren't.

“[If] there are disagreements, you don't have a fistfight in the street about it, you settle it between yourselves,” he said.

Recent polling by PR firm Redfield and Wilton revealed that the not-so-royal couple have felt the sharpest drop in popularity of any royal in recent weeks.

Meghan Markle’s popularity has gone down by 31 points, while Harry’s ratings have plummeted by 37 points.

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The recent drop in ratings make them the second and third least popular royals, eking out a small victory over disgraced Prince Andrew.

The former royal correspondent said that Harry hasn’t made his family situation easier for himself, adding: “At every turn when there’s a possibility of making peace, Harry looks around for a can of petrol to start the fire again.”

He said that despite the animosity between the Sussexes and the rest of the Firm, King Charles has made it clear that the estranged royals are welcome at his coronation in May.

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He added that the King’s move was actually a clever one that will likely make Harry and Meghan look foolish whatever they decide to do.

“If they said no, they would look a little bit peevish and a bit small minded," he said.

"But if they said yes, it would leave them open to the accusation of hypocrisy because they’ve been knocking seven bells out of the Royal Family and almost everybody in it for the last couple of years”.

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