Adventurer discovers creepy mythical statues buried deep within cave labyrinth

A man who explored a secret underground cave was stunned to find an array of spooky mythical statues.

When YouTuber Mike Corey arrived at the Optimistic Cave in remote southwestern Ukraine, he had no idea it would be full of mysterious and gorgeously made sculptures.

The earth's fifth largest cave and the world's biggest underground hiding made of priceless gypsum crystals, the cave is also chock full of fascinating minotaurs and a terrifying grim reaper.

Surrounded by sparkling crystals which potentially date back millions of years, the statues found in the massive 140 mile (230km) bunker are impossible to date.

It's thought they may be traced to the explorers who first discovered the immense cave in 1966, but no one knows.

The 'Fearless and Far' vlogger described the eerie hiding as "a little creepy", understating his own fear.

Mike added: "It looks like death."

The YouTuber delved into the scary depths on the so-called "tough guy" tour, which includes a full-scale 5h exploration of the under-explored depths.

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Since its stunning discovery in 1966 the cave has been popular with Ukrainians, but has been left largely to its own devices as interest dried up.

That made Mike's journey ever more mysterious – and lonesome.

He added: “Look at the walls.

“The walls are pure crystal, it’s amazing.”

The incredible statues include hand-sculpted models of humans and beasts, hidden in crevices within the hundreds of miles of tight winding tunnels.

In an Instagram post to his 102k followers Mike teased the enticing video.

The BBC Travel Show host wrote: "4 hours inside 'Optimistic Cave' in Ukraine.

"These massive crystals are guarded by the clay creatures sculpted by the speleologists that study this labyrinth.

"Many live down here for weeks and months at a time, mapping the passages, trying to find how big this cave really is.

"Are gypsum crystals worth half a day of pressing yourself through cracks and crevices in the 4th biggest underground maze in the world?

"I was scouting for an evil underground lair."

But whatever their origin, the statues aren't something any explorer would want to be left alone with.

That's not to mention how they must have got there or if they were sculpted inside.

What's clear is that the Optimistic Cave still holds plenty of secrets.

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