A man turned his life around after experiencing temporary post-booze paralysis

A man has told how he was left temporarily paralysed and unable to speak after going on a month-long bender. 

Alex Sloan, 28, said he was left in that state after his alcohol and drugs addiction spiralled out of control in 2018.

The musician and former bartender from Halewood, Liverpool, was taking cocaine to help him get through long work days, but it led to an overwhelming addiction

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Alex told Liverpool Echo: “I was working from 10am-1am every day for 15 days but was taking cocaine every day to keep going.

“Those 1ams turned into 5ams and some days I’d just stay in there and work right through, having a nap in the office before the next shift.”

Alex was known as the “last one standing” among friends but the terrible side effects of a month-long partying session prompted him to quit his job and attempt to kick the addiction.

He said: “Shortly after that month-long binger, I had really bad issues with my nerves and ended up with my left shoulder blade being paralysed for 8 months.

“Not long after that my nerves in my vocal chords shut off leaving me without a voice for 4 months.

“I had so many conversations with my mates saying, I need to stop, I don’t want to keep doing this anymore, but they told me it was OK and just a bit of fun.”

Alex attempted to go cold turkey before deciding to gradually cut down on booze and drugs, taking his last drink on Boxing Day 2021.

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He has now qualified as a personal trainer and runs a personal training business with friend Levi Osborne.

“I’ve turned my life around massively – if I didn’t I might not even be here today,” said Alex.

“It was a long and lonely journey that I almost never made it to the end of on a couple of occasions.

“If you really want to make the change you must look at yourself, who you spend your time with and you will have to make some tough decisions.”

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