A Covid Christmas comes to Bethlehem.

The pandemic has put a damper on Christmas at the place where it is said to have all begun: the town of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

“Great sadness,” Father Ibrahim Shomali, the chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, said of this year’s celebrations. “We are very frustrated, but what can we do? We need to accept the reality and do the right thing.”

Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity is usually one of the social events of the year for the occupied West Bank. The ancient limestone church takes on the atmosphere of a glittering movie premiere as diplomats and Palestinian officials emerge from motorcades of shiny BMWs in tailored suits and elegant dresses.

This year, the ceremony will be limited to church officials, a handful of European diplomats and Bethlehem’s mayor. The Palestinian Authority imposed tough antivirus restrictions on Bethlehem on Dec. 10, setting up checkpoints around its perimeter, ordering the closing of restaurants, cafes, schools and gyms, and forbidding nearly all large gatherings.

Bethlehem has about 1,000 confirmed, active coronavirus cases, according to official data, although the true number is thought to be much higher. All intensive care beds at hospitals are occupied, the Health Ministry said.

During a recent visit, the expansive lobby of the 222-room Bethlehem Hotel was silent. The leather couches and chairs were empty, the lights and heating were turned off, and a fine coating of dust was collecting on coffee tables.

“There’s usually nowhere to sit during this time of year,” said Elias al-Arja, the hotel owner, wearing a winter coat and a large black mask. “It ordinarily gets so crowded that there’s little room to move.”

Since March, when the authorities discovered the first cases of the virus in the Bethlehem area, Mr. al-Arja said, the hotel has struggled to pay its debts. He had to lay off all but two of his 80 employees. To pay off debts, he said, he has sold his second home in Ramallah and a plot of land in Jericho.

“It’s been devastating,” he said.

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