5* UK BnB owners horrified as guest does runner from poo and blood-covered room

The owners of a popular bed and breakfast have shared the aftermath of a disgusting guest who left without any kind of warning of what they’d left in the room.

Blackpool’s Four Rooms is one of the town’s most popular places to stay and has great ratings to reflect it. It has 4.9 on Google, 5.0 on TripAdvisor and 10/10 on booking.com.

Michael Elt and Paul Sinnott’s place is mainly geared up for couples and doesn’t let under-21s, stag and hen dos or smokers stay in its luxury rooms.

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It’s a shoes-off gaff, and slippers are provided for guests to help facilitate the already warm and inviting environment.

But while so many guests have met the BnB’s standards, others have crumbled, leaving quickly embarrassed about what they’ve done there.

Staying over the bank holiday weekend, one woman legged it without having breakfast. Michael and Paul were left scratching their heads at the quick exit – but when they went upstairs to sort the room they made a gruesome discovery.

The sheets were covered in blood and poo.

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Logging onto their Booking.com account they found a note from the woman explaining that she had been ashamed to face them after she had been ill in the night and had had to go.

But when they checked the CCTV they discovered things were not quite as she had claimed.

Speaking to theManchester Evening NewsMr Elt revealed the real reason for the dash: “We looked at the cameras and she couldn't even stand up she'd had too much to drink.

"She pushed her boyfriend away, he was pushing her against the car, and he sort of carried her in by her elbows and went out at about 3am for about an hour and a half before he came back and parked up.

“If she'd have come downstairs and said 'look I've had a really bad night and this has happened I'm so sorry I'll pay for it' that would've been fine. We've had other people in before who've done similar things.

"There are plenty of places in Blackpool where that sort of thing happens all the time, we're quite lucky in the fact that we're 5* gold so it doesn't happen too often, I'm not saying it won't happen again, it's only the minority that ruin it for the majority. If someone does something I think they should own up to it."

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