‘What a disgrace!’ SNP supporters pile on Scottish for daring to question party

Question Time: Audience member criticises SNP

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During BBC Question Time, an audience member reminded the panel that the 2014 referendum was a “once in a generation vote”. The young politics student said: “We have a very simple choice in the next parliament, whether we spend it debating an issue that in reality was resolved almost seven years ago.”

His comments come after Nicola Sturgeon said a second independence referendum could take place once the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

But following his comments, Nationalists took to Twitter to pile on abuse on the student who “dared question the SNP competence in governance”.

One SNP member tweeted: “Here’s wee Ryan, chuffed tae the gutties about his performance on #bbcqt tonight.

“Don’t be like Ryan.”

Another person said: “The ‘audience member’ who was chosen to air that cliched misrepresentation of the facts was quite probably too young to have voted 7 years ago.”

Others branded him as a “right-winger” who was still “at primary school” during the 2014 referendum.

However, the SNP have been attacked for allowing supporters to launch scathing attacks on the young boy.

One person tweeted: “I see there’s been a Nationalist pile on against a young chap who dared question the SNP competence in governance.

“What a disgrace.

“No one should suffer that just for voicing an opinion.

“Scottish Nationalism. I hate what it’s done to Scotland.”

Another person said: “Nicola Sturgeon always remains silent when her pack set about somebody.

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“This speaks more about her real personality than anything she shows on TV.”

Someone else tweeted: “I totally agree with him that Independence Vote was once in a generation vote.

“Scottish People voted no which is blow to SNP.

“But instead of accepting defeated and moving on.

“They carry on regardless and now terming doing it again.

“This is why Scotland is failing because of SNP.”

Another person echoed: “Absolutely this matter was settled in 2014.

“Sadly bad losers of that referendum have refused to respect the result.

“Just as they wouldn’t respect the result of a second referendum if they didn’t win.

“So what’s the point in allowing another?”

While someone else pointed out the SNP agreed in the White Paper on independence was “once in a generation” and urged people to not “listen to their lies, of which there is many”.

Another person praised him and said he was “obviously well-educated” unlike SNP voters.

They said: “His performance was fantastic and he’s obviously well educated, unlike SNP and especially young people voting SNP.”

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