We’ve got our fishing waters back! Victory for UK fishermen – but Brexiteers issue warning

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Yesterday MPs passed the Fisheries Bill in the Commons, which bans foreign fishermen from fishing in British waters unless they have a licence. It means, for the first time since joining the bloc, British fishing waters are within the UK’s control.

But with Brexit trade deal talks ongoing, and fishing remaining a major stumbling block for both sides, Brexiteers have warned the Prime Minister not to make any concessions.

Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney took to Twitter last night after the Bill cleared the Commons, warning of a “sellout” if the UK gives up any control of its waters in the final stages of talks.

The Brexit Unlocked presenter tweeted: “Anything less than the full control we were promised will be seen as a sellout. Britain will be watching.” 

Mr Daubney was responding to a tweet by Conservative MP Lia Nici, insisting the UK is ready to become an independent coastal state after Brexit.

The Tory MP said: “Tonight the #FisheriesBill passed its final stages.

“We are ready to become an independent coastal state once more. Delivering what I was elected to do.”

Ex-Brexit Party MEP June Mummery also demanded Britain takes back full control of its waters and fish.

She tweeted: “With all due respect @lia_nici we will become a independent coastal state when we take back FULL control of our waters & the resource.

“Flagships hold 54% of UK quota they must go unless domicile in the UK.

“The 1988 Merchant Shipping Act must be reinstate, has this been delivered?”

It comes as environment minister Victoria Prentis declared that British fishermen will be given a “once in a generation chance” to reclaim control of the country’s natural resources under the new legislation.

Speaking in the Commons on Tuesday, Ms Prentis said: “This Bill sets in stone our commitment to improving the health of our seas.

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“It gives our fishermen the better future they need and it is really an opportunity to seize a once in a generation chance to take back control of our natural resources and make sure we pass on healthier seas which are abundant with life.

“The Fisheries Bill gives us the power we need to protect our fish stocks and help our seafood sector.

“It sets a gold standard for sustainability and it allows us to bring fishing home.”

Opposition amendments were rejected during the Bill’s report stage.

The Bill received an unopposed third reading and will return to the Lords where further changes could be made.

It comes as Boris Johnson is set to speak to Ursula von der Leyen this afternoon ahead of Thursday’s summit of European Union leaders.

The Prime Minister is expected to discuss progress in the negotiations with Ursula von der Leyen.

Mr Johnson wants to know if a trade deal is possible by Thursday.

The UK officially left Brussels on January 31 and is in a transition period until the end of the year.

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