We will return you! Priti Patels £23k adverts in bid to curb migrant Channel crossings

Migrants left stranded in engineless dinghy in the Channel

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In a campaign which has run since December, migrants considering making the treacherous crossing from France are warned “we will return you”. It adds that attempting to make the journey will “put your child’s life in danger”.

The adverts have been running on Facebook and on Instagram.

Slogans featured include: “There is no hiding place”, “Don’t put your or your child’s life in danger” and “We will return you”.

Each advert was translated into Kurdish, Arabic, Persian and Pashto.

Details of the cost of the adverts were uncovered via a Freedom of Information request submitted by PA.

The Home Office said they reached thousands of people, highlighting the risks of making the dangerous crossing.

However, despite the efforts to quell numbers, crossings have hit an all time high this summer.

The number of migrants who have crossed the Channel to enter Britain illegally this year has already surpassed the total number from 2020.

More than 9,250 people have made the journey across the Dover Strait.

Last year 8,410 made the crossing, which was an annual record in itself.

Hundreds continue to attempt to make the tricky journey each day.

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Many are asylum seekers who have fled from war zones in Syria and Libya.

Last week Priti Patel signed an agreement with her French counterpart in a bid to reduce crossings.

As part of the deal France agreed to double the number of police patrolling northern beaches.

They also agreed to deepen intelligence sharing in a bid to thwart the operations of abhorrent smuggling gangs persuading people to take the journey.

Ms Patel agreed to give France an extra £52million to help fund the increased patrols.

Despite record crossings, officials say their joint work with the French has helped stop over 7500 people from leaving French beaches so far this year.

“The British people have simply had enough of illegal migration and the exploitation of migrants by criminal gangs,” Ms Patel said last week.

“Illegal immigration is driven by serious organised criminals and people smugglers.

“The public are rightly angry that small boats are arriving on our shores, facilitated by appalling criminal gangs who profit from human misery and put lives at risk.”

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