UK is NOT corrupt! Boriss desperate plea to world leaders in humiliating COP26 grilling

Boris Johnson insists the UK is 'not corrupt' at COP26

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Boris Johnson has been urged by a senior Tory MP to apologise for his handling of the sleaze row that has engulfed his party in the wake of Owen Paterson being reprimanded. With backbench Conservatives still smarting after the Government performed a standards reform U-turn last week, former chief whip Mark Harper said the Prime Minister should say sorry to both the public and MPs. At the Prime Minister’s address in Glasgow, The Telegraph’s Emma Gatten asked: “On MPs, what is your messages to voters who are alarmed by headlines that the Tory sleaze has returned? Do you want to say sorry for the way you handles the Owen Paterson case?”

Mr Johnson responded: “Since we’re in an international context and speaking before international colleagues, I want to say one thing.

“I genuinely believe that the UK is not remotely a corrupt country nor do I believe our institutions are corrupt.

“I think it’s very important to say that.

“We have a very tough system of parliamentary democracy and scrutiny and not least by the media.

“I think what you’ve got is cases where MPs who have broken the rules in the past, may be guilty of breaking the rules today.

“What I want to see is them facing appropriate sanctions.”

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