‘Support democracy!’ Starmer urged to force Labour MPs to back Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

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Keir Starmer is facing a party revolt over whether he decides to instruct Labour MPs to back Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deal with the EU, should he secure one in the coming days. The Labour leader has hinted on several occasions that he would back any deal, but some within the Shadow Cabinet have rubbished such a move and suggested they would defy the party whip.

As a result, Express.co.uk asked its readers if they thought the Labour leader should ensure his colleagues tow the party line and back a trade deal in the Commons.

The poll, carried out from 10pm December 9 to 8am on December 10, asked: “Should Keir Starmer force the Labour Party to back Boris’s Brexit deal?”

The vast majority thought Sir Keir should ensure his MPs vote for the Brexit deal.

Of the 2,320 respondents, 79 percent (1,875 people) voted “yes”, with 18 percent (388 people) voting “no”.

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Just three percent of respondents opted for “don’t know” (57 people).

Readers then took to the comments to explain why they thought the Labour Party should back the Brexit deal with the EU.

Several users suggested the party’s future lay in how it responds to a Brexit deal.

One person said: “Labour supporters in the North backed the Tories to get us out of the EU.

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“Labour’s stance has been to either sit on the wall or back Remainers, it should be no contest.

“If Labour wants to stay as a political party then it is time to back the majority.”

A second user wrote: “Labour is done for until it recognises this, abides by the democratic will of the People, and changes attitude.”

A third said: “The Labour Party should support the democratic decision of the People of this country, whether they like it or not and thus support Johnson as long as he adheres to his election promises to free us of EU control.

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“They can’t even hope to begin to rebuild any trust with the voters until they get that straight.”

Another user suggested a Brexit deal will pass the Commons even if Labour chooses to abstain or vote it down.

They wrote: “If there is a deal it makes no difference if Labour backs it or not if all the Conservatives do. 80 seat majority.”

Another user agreed and said: “It doesn’t matter what they do – with an overall majority Boris doesn’t need him or them.”

Boris Johnson flew to Brussels last night to meet with European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen in a last-ditch bid to break the current deadlock in the post-Brexit trade talks.

The two leaders discussed the potential trade deal over a three-course dinner

They agreed to make a “firm decision” about the future of the talks by the end of the weekend.

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