Stop! John Bolton erupts on Sky News in furious row How much risk will you accept!

John Bolton erupts shouting 'How much risk will you accept?’

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John Bolton appeared on Sky News to discuss the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, stating the mission was only to prevent a terror insurgency in the region and to defend the US from further attacks. But Mr Bolton was asked if the US had not installed a corrupt government then the Taliban may have found it much harder to take over the country once US troops left. Mr Bolton furiously denied the suggestion before arguing with Belle Donati over whether the UK Government would act any different.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Bolton said the US was never in Afghanistan to nation-build and America’s involvement in the region was to ultimately prevent attacks on US soil. 

Ms Donati then asked: “But what about the nature of the investment and the nature of the intervention in Afghanistan.

“Had it not been a corrupt government put in place by the US could we not have seen a stronger defence against the Taliban?

“Could we have not seen it much harder for the Taliban to take over?”

A stern Mr Botlon bluntly replied: “Stop. We did not put a corrupt government in place. 

“Corruption has existed for a long time in Afghanistan, and here’s a newsflash, under the Taliban corruption will still exist.

“US interest and NATO interest as a whole were to prevent a terrorist takeover, we didn’t have to reform Afghanistan – it was probably a mistake to try.”

Mr Bolton could be heard in the background stating “how much risk are you willing to accept” as Ms Donati attempted to continue her line of questioning. 

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She added the US did “nothing” to tackle Afghanistan corruption despite Mr Bolton’s protests.

Ms Donati then stated: “The last speaker of the Afghan parliament, he’s a multimillionaire because of monopoly contracts to provide fuel and security to US forces.

“The US certainly did nothing to stop corruption.”

Mr Bolton said it was “simply not true” and retorted with his own question: “How much risk are you prepared to accept for a terrorist attack on London?”

Ms Donati pointed out she was not the subject of the conversation nor was she in any position of power to make such a decision.


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Mr Bolton has been a critic of the US withdrawal of Afghanistan as he feared the country will become a “terrorist haven” again. 

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Bolton branded Donald Trump and Joe Biden the “Tweedledee and Tweedledum” of Afghanistan. 

He told the programme: “I think right now the Taliban have their smiley faces on because they’ve had good Western public relations advice and they won’t get back to slitting throats until everybody’s out of Hamid Karzai International Airport.

“I don’t trust them any more today than we did 20 years ago.

“I understand what they’re saying, I understand what some of their apologists in the West are saying.

“The only proof we’ll have is in the experience after they take control. But if you look for where the best evidence is, it’s in the minds of the Afghan people. And as far as I can see from a distance, they’re terrified.”

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