Rishi Sunak defended after ‘petty and immature’ attack attempts to undermine Chancellor

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Rishi Sunak faced significant criticism following the release of a video by the One Rule For Them campaign group. The video questions whether “Dishy Rishi” is on the side of the people with his coronavirus financial strategies. Rather than focussing on the details of his coronavirus financial packages, however, it highlights his individual wealth and his endeavours outside of politics.

The narrator said: “Look at his celebrity lifestyle, he has even got his own California beach house, not forgetting a whole country estate and a mansion in Kensington to boot.

“That is what you can get making millions working for a hedge fund that helped crash the economy.

“He has got an army of spin doctors and personal brand consultants, what are they trying to hide?

“He is an ex-city banker, he is planning big tax-cuts for his old mates in the city.

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“This is while slashing pay for key workers who put their lives at risk for us, a betrayal of those who have sacrificed the most.

“Whatever happens to them smooth-talking Rishi will be just fine.”

While the video does make reference to newspaper headlines supporting the claims made, some social media viewers were not convinced.

One Twitter user wrote: “When criticising a Chancellor, it is probably not best for the headline to be that he is smart with money.”

Another added: “I’d rather have Rishi Sunak running our economy.

“If he’s made money for himself, then surely he can manage our country’s economy.

“In the next 10 years we are going to need astute business people getting our livelihoods up and running, we are in a massive mess.”

Another wrote: “This is more petty, immature and envy-ridden than brutal, and I don’t even consider myself a fan.”

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Another added: “This ad was more effective telling us stuff about him.

“Then saying he helped cause the financial crisis going a bit far, there are too many wild claims in this and it just wasn’t executed well.”

While another noted: “Are they attacking the man in charge of our finances for being successful with finances? Because that seems a niche take…”

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