Rejoiner Lord Adonis turns on von der Leyen over EU vaccine farce – ‘She doesn’t get it!’

Lord Adonis gets grilled by Hartley-Brewer on EU vaccine row

The Labour peer, who is now campaigning for the UK to rejoin the Brussels bloc, took to Twitter to admit the European Commission president “doesn’t get it”. Lord Adonis shared a quote from Mrs von der Leyen insisting the EU was right to work together on its vaccine rollout, which has come under heavy criticism for being sluggish.

Lord Adonis said: “As you know I’m a strong pro-European, but she doesn’t get it.”

Other Twitter users were quick to react to Lord Adonis’ admission as he rounded on Mrs von der Leyen.

One commented: “Wait. What? Criticism of your beloved EU? Colour me shocked.”

Another posted a thumbs up emoji and wrote: “Common sense from you at last.”

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A third added: “It’s finally beginning to dawn on you, the larger the organisation becomes the more inefficient it gets.”

Another simply said: “Wow.”

One more commented: “@vonderleyen couldn’t have made a clearer case for Brexit.

“Unity of the EU isn’t worth the cost of a heavily delayed vaccine roll out which will likely play out in case numbers, hospitalisations and deaths in the coming weeks and months.”

But others defended Mrs von der Leyen and the EU, with one Twitter user hitting back: “The only one that doesn’t get it in here is you!

“VDL is spot on! European unity has been and will always be the way forward!!!”

Lord Adonis’ tweet comes after Mrs von der Leyen attempted to defend the EU’s slow vaccine rollout.

Speaking to French newspaper La Croix, the former German defence minister said: “I am aware that alone a country can be a speedboat, while the EU is more like a tanker.

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“Before concluding a contract with a pharmaceutical company, the 27 member states had five full days to say whether they agreed or not. This naturally delays the process.

“Indeed, we must constantly put pressure on ourselves so that each step of the decision-making process is as fast and efficient as possible.

“But I am absolutely convinced that the European approach is the right one.

“On these vaccines, we worked faster than usual.

“I can’t even imagine what it would have meant for Europe, in terms of unity, if one or more member states had access to vaccines and not the others.”

The EU has been at the centre of an extraordinary row with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca over jab supply shortages.

The bloc sparked outrage from across the political spectrum when Brussels briefly overrode part of the Brexit deal on Northern Ireland to impose export controls on vaccines.

Meanwhile, the UK is steaming ahead with its jab rollout which has seen more than 10 million people receive their first shot.

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