Number of Albanians crossing Channel in small boats plummets

Robert Jenrick on the removal of illegal Albanian migrants

The number of Albanians making the dangerous journey across the Channel in rubber dinghies has plummetted following a fast-track removal scheme, new figures show.

Just 29 made the crossing between January and March, according to provisional Home Office data.

Albanians made up around a third of arrivals to the UK on small boats last year.

But the UK struck a deal with the European country in December and 500 migrants have since been returned.

Out of the 3,793 people who arrived in the UK after crossing the Channel between January and March, Afghans were the most common nationality with 909 – 24 percent – making the perilous journey.

This was followed by Indians with 657 – 18 percent – travelling from France on small boats.

Alp Mehmet, chair of Migration Watch, told The Sun: “It seems Albanian chancers may have got the message — if you come illegally you won’t be able to stay.

“Let’s now get it through to the others, of whom the highest number in one day this year arrived over the weekend.”

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