‘Not about to jump ship!’ Rosie Duffield MP urged to defect to Tories after trans row

Rosie Duffield: Richard Madeley says its not difficult to find trolls

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The Canterbury Labour MP received criticism from Labour activists and online abuse for the belief that it might not be suitable for trans people to have access to some single-sex spaces such as domestic violence refuges.

According to The Telegraph, one Tory MP has suggested the offer of moving to the Conservative Party could have been made through an intermediary.

The claims arose after it was alleged three Labour MPs were thinking about moving to the Tories.

However, according to The Times, Rosie Duffield has no urge to move to the Conservative party.

She said: “At times when abuse is really rife on social media, we do support each other and it’s really nice to get support from all colleagues in parliament, but I’m not about to jump ship.

“I’m Labour through and through.”

Rosie Duffield did not attend this year’s Labour Party conference in Brighton out of fear for her own security.

Sir Keir Starmer has publicly challenged Rosie Duffield’s argument of “only women having a cervix” by saying: “it is something that shouldn’t be said. It is not right.”

Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has also spoken about the online abuse and condemned the threats against Ms Duffield.

Sir Lindsay said: “Parliamentarians, who have been elected to speak up for their constituents, should be able to attend their own party conference without fear of harm.

“Too many people have been targeted for their opinion or the office they hold.

“In order to protect democracy, we need to ensure those participating can do so without threats of intimidation.”

Labour’s LGBT+ group have urged for her to have the whip removed following her beliefs.

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Liz Truss, women and equalities secretary and foreign secretary, said last week Rosie Duffield should be able to assert that “only women have a cervix.”

The Conservative Party have lowered the cost of legally changing gender from more than £100 to £5. However, the party has rejected calls to allow people to do so without a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Rosie Duffield has been the MP for Canterbury since 2017.

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