‘Nigel’s getting ready!’ Brexit Party will RETURN to take on Boris, ex-MEP warns

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With Michel Barnier arriving for yet more talks with opposite number David Frost yesterday, Mr Johnson appears to have ignored his own October 15 deadline for wrapping up a trade deal – a fact which is of concern to Brexiteers including John Tennant, who served alongside Mr Farage in Brussels. Mr Farage, who is urging the Prime Minister to tear up his withdrawal agreement with the EU and walk, has already said if there is any suggestion of an 11th-hour deal, the Brexit Party is “prepared to re-start the fight”.

Mr Tennant, who outlines the contribution the Brexit Party made to taking Britain out of the EU in his new book, Rebooting Brexit, with a foreward by Mr Farage himself, said it was not an idle threat by his erstwhile leader.

He told Express.co.uk: “Obviously I can’t speak for Nigel but I think he is waiting to see.

“I think he is preparing in the background if there is a sellout, particularly on things like fishing, which is quite close to his heart actually.

Nigel is preparing in case there is a sellout

John Tennant

“Level playing field provisions, the European Court of Justice – these are all fundamentals to Brexiteers.

“Nigel is preparing in case there is a sellout.”

Like Mr Farage, Mr Tennant believes enough is enough, with further negotiations pointless, not least because the bloc would need to make enormous compromises in key areas where Mr Barnier has consistently indicated he is not prepared to do so.

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He explained: “Put it this way: if after four years they still can’t have an agreement in essence they should just walk away.

“I mean how much longer can it go on for?

“At the end of the day, if you look at the business community, especially with the COVID-19 situation, what they need more than ever is certainty.


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“Certainty as to how businesses will be trading post-Brexit – they need that.

“They need that as soon as possible because that is really important stuff.

“And the longer they go on with negotiations without getting any real tangible outcomes the worse it gets.”

Writing in the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, Mr Farage said: “If the government does decide to take the easy way out by opting to do a deal based on the Withdrawal Agreement, I know that many of my excellent colleagues in the Brexit Party will be prepared to re-start the fight.

“As UKIP proved during David Cameron’s time in Downing Street, highly motivated insurgent political parties can split the Conservatives very effectively.

“I genuinely hope it does not come to this, but Johnson should be under no illusions about how serious this situation is.”

Speaking shortly after arriving in London yesterday, Mr Barnier said: “I think we have a huge common responsibility. Every day counts.”

However, Number 10 has said “significant gaps” remain between the two sides and it was “entirely possible that negotiations will not succeed”.

The main stumbling blocks are fishing rights, the governance of any deal and the “level playing field” aimed at preventing unfair competition, which includes state subsidies.

Meanwhile, International Trade Secretary Liz Truss is poised to sign a free trade agreement with Japan this morning.

She said: “Today is a landmark moment for Britain.

“It shows what we can do as an independent trading nation, as we secure modern and bespoke provisions in areas like tech and services that are critical to the future of our country and the reshaping of our economy.”

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