Nigel Farage erupts at Patel for caving to France All she done is give them another £50m

Nigel Farage criticises Priti Patel over migrant vessels

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GB News presenter and former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage attacked Priti Patel for handing over millions to French authorities to increase security across northern French beaches despite crossings seeing an increase with around 430 people making the journey on Monday. Mr Farage explained he has heard reports of French ships simply escorting migrant boats across the water boundaries into the UK with no attempt made to prevent the crossing. The former politician raged against the UK government’s handling of the situation during an angry rant while in the Channel. 

As part of a UK-French migrant agreement, the UK would send money to France to bolster security in Calais and to increase patrols to prevent people making the crossing to the UK. 

Around £115million has already been spent over the course of three years with the most recent cash injection given last November which cost £28million. 

The Home Office announced a further £55million will be sent to France to deal with problems as the total number of migrants crossing is at least 8,452, according to PA. 

Speaking to GB News, Mr Farage shared his verdict on the situation. 

He told the programme: “Many of the people that are coming across are paying £5000, a report the other day was a man who paid £8000.

“So just think about it, if the people traffickers have got a boat with 40 or 50 people and in some of these new boats they’re using are 11-metres long.

“One even had 70 in the other day, you’re dealing here with organised crime, you’re dealing here with massive money.

“And all that Priti Patel has done overnight is agreed to give the French another 50 million quid.

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“That’s after the 130 million quid we’ve given them already and yet despite that, what goes on every day here in calm conditions is the French Navy literally escorts these boats once they’ve taken off from French beaches, bring them over the line and hand them over to the British authorities.

“I mean that, to me, is an absolute outrage and you’re asking me, GB News viewers this morning, is the Government bailing on this I’ll tell you.

“Ever since August 2019, Priti Patel as Home Secretary has repeatedly made big promises – how she would stop this problem.

“And it’s getting worse and I think it will get much worse, I would predict that at this current rate, there’ll be between 20 and 30,000 that will cross the English Channel this year unless something is done.”

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Good Morning Britain’s Pip Tomson reported from the English Channel earlier this week and revealed she saw French Navy escort boats to a team of reporters observing in the Channel before the French boats returned back to land. 

She explained it appeared as if they had passed on the responsibility of the boats, wrongly, to a team of UK journalists in the waters. 

The Nationality and Borders Bill passed its second reading in the House of Commons which government says will attempt to crack down on criminal traffickers to the UK. 

The bill will increase jail sentences for those entering the country illegally and the method by which someone has entered the UK will affect their asylum application. 

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