Nicola Sturgeon warned ‘unhealthy’ independence dream will get Scotland ‘nowhere’

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Scottish Conservative councillor Tony Miklinski told that any country within the European Union that has an independence issue, such as Spain, is unlikely to let an independent Scotland join the trading bloc due to fear of setting a precedent. He added that nationalism in general across Europe has not worked. 

Mr Miklinski said: “I think any nation that has an independence issue of its own, such as Spain with Catalonia, there is no way they want a precedent set whereby they encourage independence.

“Nationalism in general across Europe, where has it ever got us moving in the past looking at history?

“Nationalism is a very selfish and introverted creed.

“Patriotism is fine but nationalism says we are better than you are.

“That is not a healthy way to be looking at life in the 21st century.” 

During the same interview, Mr Miklinski warned the SNP leader that an independent Scotland would not be accepted into the European Union without severe constraints imposed on the country.

The Scottish Conservative Councillor hit out at the current state of Scotland’s economy as he hightlighted the struggles Ms Sturgeon would face trying to join the EU.

He added that the United Kingdom is stronger together and Scotland’s economy greatly benefits from being supported by the Westminster Government. 

Mr Miklinski said: “The EU rules that they apply to everybody is a GDP deficit gap of no more than three percent.

“Scotland’s is currently seven percent it is just about the worst in the existing European countries.

“Therefore, the rules that they have, especially post pandemic when all economies are struggling means I can see no scenario where they would welcome effectively a sick orphan, the Scottish economy, into their midst.

“If they did, they would impose strict and severe constraints on how the economy would have to be handled.


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“That would mean closing the deficit gap and that can only be done through increased taxation, cutting spending or massive borrowing.”

He added: “By the way, the SNP talk about give us the powers and we can do this for ourselves for example the UK’s support from the pandemic, of course that is not true.

“There is no way that a Scottish economy which does not really exist in isolation because it is supported by Westminster, would be given rates anywhere as good as the UK Government can negotiate.

“Basically better together means it, we are better as a union with the strengths of the UK meshing with what we offer.”  

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